Sunday, July 27, 2014

Seeing the Potential

Do you ever find yourself staring at a card you've made and thinking that something about it just isn't right?

Of course you do.

We all do.

That's all part of the process.

So today I found myself staring at this card. It uses a layout I've used before...found it in the book 1,000 Labels, Tags, and Bags, I think. But this particular card just isn't right. Instead of pitching it, I sat and stared at it, contemplating the problem and possible solutions.

A Not Right Card

What's not right? Well, there is simply no unity here, as if two cards were stuck together...the one on top and the one on bottom. The light blue was supposed to unify the two halves of the design, but it fails miserably.

As if two cards were stuck together...two cards...could I divide this into two cards?

Why not?

The bottom half got a sentiment and bling to give a visual triangle of dark ocean green that unifies and completes this design perfectly.

The top half needed nothing because lots of empty space reinforces the sentiment so well. I rounded the corners because those pointy right angles definitely didn't fit with the single image of circles. Sometimes curves love angles, and sometimes they don't. Plus, I like how the curves remind me of hugs, and people who miss each other need hugs.

So today's lesson is "Don't give up." I could have pitched this card into the recycling bin, but I relaxed, contemplated, proposed ideas to myself, and got there in the end, with two cards out of the process.

Go, me!

stamps: Papertrey Grunge Me, Birthday Basics, Paper Tray; Clearly Besotted A Little Sentimental
ink: Hero Arts, Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: dimensionals, corner rounder, rhinestone


  1. great save! the two finished cards are lovely.

  2. Great way to save your work. I did see the problem (yay for that!) but not the solution. Thanks for another lesson learnt.

  3. Seriously, this is why I find you amazing!

  4. Go you, indeed! Brilliantly redesigned.

  5. Genius, Susan ... sometimes I feel as though I need some of your brain! Anita :)

  6. Susan, you show us solutions we didnt think we needed. Thank you so much for showing me 'I must stop throwing away the failures and look to asolution'

  7. You are just wonderful, Susan. I'm so glad I found you. :)

  8. I love your solution to fixing the card. Both of the saved cards are lovely ... as is your blog. I am inspired daily.

  9. Love your solution! I think I would have tried stamping the line/circle image horizontally in the green ink, and I'm not sure that would have worked, either. It would draw the colors together, but it might have overpowered. And you get 2 cards-yea!

  10. Love this! Never would have thought about doing this. Now, to go through my "this just isn't working" pile. Thank you for the great idea!


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