Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gears, OLW 141, and a Couple of Announcements

My final card--for the time being--using the Uniko Time set...

It's two layers because those are brads on the gears, and brad butts bother me and must be covered up.

I don't really have anything more to say about this card except it would be great for a guy and I love that quotation.

Check out the OLW Challenge this week on Karen's blog. It's a good one on repetition, and I hope to participate this weekend!

Announcement #1
In case you haven't heard, Google Reader is going away. After hours of frustration trying to figure out how to migrate my account to a couple of other options, I finally succeeded in switching to Bloglovin. I hate the name, but it works, and all my subscriptions are there. It's taking a little getting used to, but eventually, I'll like it, and then it, too, will disappear. Whatever.

If you use Google Reader, I recommend Bloglovin, if only for the idiot-proof transfer from GR. You may also receive this blog via email if you want. The email subscription box is in the sidebar. Just don't forget to click on the link in the verification email you receive shortly after subscribing. If you don't get the verification email, please check your spam filter or junk mail folder.

Please don't leave me just because Google abandoned us!

Announcement #2
Some of you may have seen this on my other blog, but I've decided to write an e-book about stamping. What would you like me to put in it? I expect there will be words (likely of the funny, encouraging, and occasionally useful kind), cards, and maybe a title, table of contents, and some chapters. But what would you like to see? Just cards? Other paper projects? Handmade books? Jokes? A pop-up card of Channing Tatum? What?

stamps: Uniko Time
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey
accessories: brads, dimensionals


  1. Types of inks and how to use them-and the rule of 3s.

  2. I love the idea of a stamping book that you have written! I hope you will include lots of design tips and tricks- the reasons WHY you do things the way you do them. I find those hints so helpful, and am always trying to remember what you had explained in previous posts. Having an e-book to reference will be awesomesauce.

  3. I love the sentiment also - great card. I would like easy paper projects like gift boxes for card sets, book markers, gift card holders, etc. I'm excited to see your book. When do you anticipate publishing it?

  4. Placement of images on cards -- lining up, spacing, even all that stuff! :) Oh I am impressed you are taking on this challenge -- You Go Girlfriend! I'll be the first of many to get this when it is done~ [when was that... ;)]

    Love today's card -- just look at the placement! :)

  5. I would love to read your book when it is written! I think all your wonderful design tips, all in one place, with lots of examples, would be great.

  6. I'm having really great luck with The Old Reader, mostly because there's no learning curve. It's nearly identical to Google Reader and imported my subscriptions in a few easy steps.

  7. Susan, I'm having trouble moving past the idea of a pop-up card of Channing Tatum... YES PLEASE! Can you make it life size? ;-) Shirtless? LOL! ... still giggling... I'd like to hear about types of inks, paper, stamps and how to use them. If you could talk about those mysterious products like "twinkling h2os" and what they actually are, that would be great. Some basic design principles.

    I haven't chosen another reader yet. I was enjoying Feedly, but it was temperamental for me. Bloglovin' looks okay. I really just want something where I can see the whole post without having to click in (just like Google Reader). Why, oh why, must companies change what they offer and remove a product that thousands of people actually use??? Just because it doesn't earn them money, isn't their strategic direction? What about ME? I'll get over my tantrum by Christmas...

    Your card is gorgeous... now back to thinking about Channing...

  8. Love this card, I am into Steampunk so this really does it for me.
    I do not use Google Reader so I am not transferring any of my Blog list anywhere. I have a list of Blogs I follow (the good old fashioned way - pen and paper!!) so if they disappear off my Dashboard, I know where to find them. I have also subscribed to email wherever I can, I can't be doing with all this new fangled stuff ............. ;if it ain't broke, why fix it; is my old fashioned philosophy.
    I follow your Blog because you explain everything you do, the reasons why are important to me as well, so I am sure that you will write your book in exactly the same way - shirtless will do me as well!!!

  9. I love reading your blog for your design ideas and inspiration. A good dollop of your humour (look, english spelling!) wouldn't come amiss either!

  10. You have such great "voice" in your posts. Please maintain that in your book. And I love all of your design explanations as to what works and what doesn't and why. I don't have a design background so I'm fascinated when I learn the logical reasons for great cards.

  11. Great card! Looking forward to your book.... ditto Denise ... just reading your book will be fun, never mind all the all the creative stuff we will learn. I'm sure your following will continue no matter what happens to the readers ... you're in my Feedly feeder.

  12. Super card ... yep, great for a guy and a wonderful sentiment! Your book ... I'd love to see a collection of the design principles you use (as you do in your blog) ... the why as well as the how to would be perfect! Anita :)

  13. an e-book sounds great. how about a chapter on layouts or hints on why things look better a certain way -- style techniques? I always find those hints helpful as I have no natural artistic talent.

  14. Fabulous cad, love the LO of images and sentiment!

    Great news about the book, definitely "all of the above" - just in awe of your designing principles :)

  15. Design tips, please! Love your CAS cards and would love to know the principles behind them.

  16. Okay, so why I am the only one that would love to see a pop up card of Channing Tatum ?
    What's up with that?

    Absolutely terrific idea! How generous of you to offer to do this :)

    Definitely a section on design elements. It would be great to have all your tips and ideas on successful design in one place.

    Other paper crafted projects would be fun to see. I usually stick to cards having instructions and ideas in one place makes it more convenient to find and try!

  17. I love your card of gears Susan!

    I think the basics (as if I just starting stamping YESTERDAY) would be helpful. I would also like to see the sweet spot concept and all the most important tips to remember about CAS creations.

    Of course...don't forget your funnies!!! ;)

  18. I am a visual learner. What I would like to see is actual examples of 'do this, not that'.

    Example; when you told us not to block off white space but allow it to run off the page, I didn't really get it until I saw your contrasting examples.

    Also--a chapter on some 'formula' cards. As in 'use this formula for a go-to card. Formulas as in layouts or color combos or sizes of stamps on a single card (EX--I know that we should vary the size of our stamps when we stamp a background. But I don't know--how many colors of ink is too many? What is safe or is there a safe number even?).

    A chapter on singularly important techniques. EX--I only recently realized a card should have a focal point and it should stand out--which is what makes it the point of focus...LOL. But does it have to be single, as in one, to be singular???

    Geez...sorry to be so 'demanding'. What I'm trying to say is I know that there are things wrong on my cards but don't know what they are so can't fix them and keep repeating them.


    I'm kind of dense when it comes to art and design. What someone said above--all your design tips in one place would be VERY helpful.

  19. One more thing--sorry--I don't need to know how to use my stamping stuff--I can google that, like what inks to use, etc.

    What I need is how do I put it together on a card and make the card itself look good without so much trial and error due to poor design.

    I literally must stamp the individual pieces, cut them out and move them around on my card front before stamping onto the card. Or resort to copying what someone else has done.

    Doing that with every card is hard. If I had some rules in my head--like rules of good writing--I could possibly do better.

    Thanks for reading my verbose comments.

  20. Love your book idea! I think a compilation of your blog posts would be great. Not only do you have wonderful design ideas, but your tips on placement, color, design, etc. are invaluable. I especially enjoy your views on various subjects and the perfect spelling and grammar (a rarity today).

  21. Hi Susan,
    I don't stop by very often, but I do subscribe via email and enjoy your posts and cards very much!
    I'm so glad you've decided on this exciting! I would love it if you focused on CAS cards. Nothing else, just CAS cards! It's what you do fact, you're known in blogland as the "Master" of CAS design (have you heard?), so why not!
    Anyway, that's my 2 cents....I'm looking forward to seeing what you finally decide on. Thanks for giving us a chance to provide input!

  22. What else other than cards? Christmas ornaments and tags, please. And the thing you did on a branch last year.

    (Well, THAT came out funnier than I meant it to. I sure hope you remember the project I mean.)

    Cards, your cards, are really enough, particularly with your words to go with. But we are greedy and will take more.

  23. Design basics! Rule of 3rds, trapped white space, focal points, etc. With visual examples. You have a gift: teaching in the vernacular. Then another book on CAS, including templates. And another one on Channing Tatum. And another one on....I'm so glad you have decided to do this. You go girl...

  24. i love the way you write about your design process and why this works and that doesn't...i can't wait, it will be awesome!

  25. Thanks for your recommendation to use Bloglovin as a replacement to Google Reader. I trust your judgment and you saved me a lot of research! Would not want to lose my connection with you and your wonderful ideas!

  26. You're the perfect person to do an ebook on stamping. Please include all of the advice you have given in your blog posts--especially the reasons why you do or don't do certain things. You always make such good sense when you explain. And try to let your sense of humor sneak in. You make me laugh out loud!

  27. I'd like to see you design tips, such as triangles and random backgrounds. You have a lot of great artistic experience (training?). Maybe you can come up with a list of tips for making clean and simple cards that work. Thanks! I look forward to the book!

  28. Oh, my! I just saw this post and I am over the moon! I am so very happy you are doing this. I have nothing to add; everyone has already said what I was going to. I especially would like to echo Dinahsoar's comments. Thank you so, so much! I will be first in line to purchase your e-book.
    Sarah (kegbo)

  29. Would it be too much to say "YES, PLEASE" to all of your inclusion examples? I'd really like to see some of your handmade books. I took a bookbinding class a long time ago and have been wanting to try it again. And, while I'm being so demanding, I second Denise's plea that you not lose the voice that you so constructively and playfully use on your blog. And, oh...another thing...maybe you could pepper it with some of your favorite quotes, maybe even in sarcastic or whimsical ways to demonstrate a point you're making. Where/when does the line form to purchase said masterpiece (which I know it will be, given your aptitude for writing and designing and making things perfectly clear for those of us like myself who have no aptitude for writing or designing or making things perfectly clear. Oh, wait, I thought of something else: tell us why CAS works for you, as opposed to layering and matting several images or pieces of cardstock. It would be a lot of fun to see your attempt at shabby chic or mixed media. You know, the really over the top kind that are just way too "sweet" or busy. Talk about whimsy!!! <----- (gratuitous exclamation marks entirely appropriate here)

    PS: I am totally and faithfully in love with this card and stamp set. Am I the only female who thinks gears aren't just for guys, as some suggest? Throw in a little rust on those gears and I'm happy as can be.


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