Monday, May 20, 2013

Riffing on Card Creations: Inspired by Kelly Rasmussen

Kelly Rasmussen made this most excellent card for Card Creations Vol. 11:

There are so many wonderful things about this card. First, it uses washi tape perfectly, something I was never able to pull off. Second, the layout is perfect, the color combination is perfect, and the baker's twine is perfect.

In short, everything about Kelly's card is perfect.

I don't have washi tape and thought long and hard about how to duplicate her layout with stamps. The card below was actually my third attempt...the first two didn't work at all. The big problem was focal point. Kelly's card makes the sentiment the focal point...the bright washi is background. I found using other stamps shifted the focal point to the strips and away from the sentiment.

After staring at my stamps for about twenty minutes trying to think of something for a background, I gave up and decided to make my focal point stamped images rather than the sentiment.

This completely reworks the layout (and not entirely successfully).

Instead of geometric designs, I used three long, tall flower stamps from Gina K's Hello Sunshine set. There was only room for three on the card, and when I squished them together like Kelly did with the washi, it just didn't work. It looked too busy and chaotic. Leaving space between the strips looked better.

I decided to use a very simple, one-line italic font (Papertrey Simple Little old anniversary set) to keep the focus on the flowers, but the one-liner didn't have enough visual weight to stand up on the card. Bling and a wider strip of white card stock gave it a bit more umph.

To my eye, Kelly's card is definitely more successful and unified than mine, but mine is not bad for a knock-off. I like it, especially the colors.

Shifting focal point is a major alteration of a layout, especially when the original uses a specific product as the basis for the design. Washi is good stuff, and those stripes, chevrons, and dots just work together so very well under her expert design.

My flowers...not as much. Which is just fine by me. It's all a learning process, trial and error. Sometimes it works, sometimes not at all, and sometimes sort of. This is a sort-of circumstance. Doesn't matter. It's all good.

Of course, I'll bet someone who's a master of shabby chic style could make strips of lace trim work for Kelly's layout. Anyone care to take that challenge?

stamps: Gina K, Papertrey
ink: VersaMagic Tea Leaves, Ocean Depth, Turquoise Gem
paper: Papertrey
accessories: dimensionals, rhinestones, Bic/Sharpie to color bling


  1. I like your card very much, Susan. I always find it interesting that you will rework a card until it meets your (high) standards. I need to work on having that kind of patience in crafting. I'm not up to your challenge, but I'm looking forward to seeing who is!

  2. Thanks for both of the card examples and commentary. I like both cards. The white layers and wide banner make a big impact in yours.

  3. I'd love to receive either one of the cards! I see the washi tape card influence in yours, but at the same time you made it your own.

  4. Susan, I really like your version! What colors did you use for the flowers?

  5. Two great cards, Susan! Love the colours on the gift and gorgeous flower silhouette and mix of colours.

  6. I love your card, and like Kelly, would like to know exactly what colors you used? Gorgeous combination. Blues and greens are my usual "go to" colors.

  7. I like both cards and enjoy reading about your creative process. ;-)

    I could see making patterned paper with stamps to mimic the washi tape. Do you ever make your own patterned paper for use on your cards? It would still be CAS if use in small amounts, I think?

  8. The colors are Tea Leaves, Ocean Depth, and Turquoise Gem. Hope that helps!

  9. The inspiration card and your's are both super, Susan ... and much as I love Kelly's, I actually prefer your rework, the long stemmed flowers balance beautifully with the sentiment panel. Thanks, as ever, for sharing your creative process with us ... whenever I visit, it's like a mini tutorial! Anita :)

  10. I think you created a beautiful card, Susan. And the three stamped panels work perfectly as a triangle pointing towards the sentiment. :)

  11. You aren't giving yourself enough credit. I think yours is far better actually. Like it so much that I am going to PIN it.

  12. I agree with Julie -- don't be so hard on yourself -- both cards are beautiful in their own way.

  13. oooooo!
    my! my! my!
    i love your card!
    colors are great.
    the tall flower/stems are great.
    the sentiment is great.
    you are so clever with your adaptations.
    thank you for sharing. i LOVE visiting your blog!
    thanks for the inspiration,
    marty ferraro

  14. I think you're being way too critical of your card. Like a few others have mentioned, I found myself liking both, but preferred yours. I like the longer image panels you ended up creating. I'd bet you might come back to this card in a month or so and give it a higher rating. I, too, am Pinning it.

  15. Beautiful, Susan - love the longer, elegant panels :)

  16. Judging by all the positive comments, I'd say that everyone loves your take as much as I do. Kelly's card is fun, but you've taken her card as inspiration, and made it into a completely Susan card. Really wonderful, and versatile too. I can see yours done is grays or beiges and used as a sympathy card as well. Love this. Bev

  17. I love yours! Great choice of colours and images. I'd love to CASE it!!

  18. I like your version very much, especially your choice of colors.

  19. I am so pinning your card, Susan. Kelly's card is fine but I much prefer yours. The flower images are gorgeous and the colour and layout is just fine. What a talented lady you are.


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