Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rockin' the Visual Triangle

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Next time someone asks me to explain what visual triangles are, I'm going to refer them to this post.

A picture is worth a thousand words....

But of course I have a few words. Note that the triangle is not an equilateral triangle. Equilateral triangles tend to look too...mathematical. (I was an English major; you do the math.) Generally you should have a nice long hypotenuse and one fairly short side on your triangle. That unevenness is pleasing to the eye.

Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, I'm going to Moms and Doughnuts with my younger son. It used to be call Moms and Muffins, but the Moms protested that the Dads got Dads and Doughnuts, which is way cooler and tastier. So now it's Moms and Doughnuts, which isn't alliterative but sure tastes better.

While all the other moms and children will be eating doughnuts courtesy of our very nice PTO, I have to bring my son's doughnut because he has autism and ohmygosh don't even try to feed him a doughnut that isn't his doughnut because he won't eat it. No, sir. Not gonna do it and nobody's gonna make him.

I'm going to organize three of our six Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed doughnuts in a visual triangle on the cafeteria table and then eat all three. Because that will help me lose the twenty pounds I need to lose, right?

Of course. Visual triangles solve everything!

stamps: CASual Friday Wish Big, Papertrey Birthday Basics
ink: Memento
paper: Papertrey white
accessories: purple rhinestones


  1. You crack me up!!! Enjoy your diet donuts

  2. You're right about visual triangles ... after all, they have points and as we know, things with points leak calories ... so leave the doughnuts arranged long enough and all calories will seep away ... voila, zero-cal doughnuts! Anita :)

  3. *chuckling...Love the "visual triangle" - and enjoy your edible triangle!

    Happy WIn Day for Gillian - yah!!!!!!

  4. LOL! Yes pointy things loose all calorie count. Stunning card!

  5. Doughnuts ARE better than muffins, and Krispy Kreme is YUM. I need to troll my kitchen for sugar now.

  6. I don't which I enjoy more...your creative artwork or your absolutely delightful commentary!

  7. Sometimes I think we must be related somehow, because you have the same diet logic I do. I also get your sense of humor. Thanks for making my day!

  8. I've heard that if you eat doughnuts standing up, that there are no calories! lol. Can't tell you the last time I had one! Your card is amazing, as per usual, and your explanation is perfect. Enjoy the doughnuts, and time with your date. Bev

  9. LOL! As I said to my friend today, "Chocolate makes everything better....except obesity, of course. Won't help you there!"

    I guess there are some things even a visual triangle won't solve (or chocolate). Darn!


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