Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One-Layer Wednesday: Patriotic Cards

This week's one-layer challenge is in honor of Independence Day, a.k.a. the Fourth of July, here in the United States. Your challenge this week is to make a patriotic card honoring your own country's heritage.

My first card makes use of an outline of the lower 48 states and a God Bless America stamp...both of which I picked up at Hobby Lobby over six years ago. They were soooo happy to see ink!

The second card plays up a ribbon accent but still keeps everything very simple.

Rules for OLW10

1. A one-layer card is defined as a single piece of cardstock folded in half.

2. Use patriotic themed images and colors for your card to honor your native country. Embellishments must be kept to a minimum.

3. Remember to share your creations by posting your card online and then using the InLinkz button in the sidebar of Simplicity to link to it.

4. Most important of all...HAVE FUN!

ink: SU real red and brilliant blue, Memento light blue
paper: PTI white
accessories: ribbon


  1. I will have to think long and hard about this challenge. Australia doesn't really do this bold, nationalistic kind of sentiment (though I maybe looking in the wrong places). See what I can come up with.

  2. Mmmm! This one is tricky for me too! I agree with Cassandra on this.I don't have any patriotic sentiment for Australia too, but I can sure make up one with alphabet stamps though!

  3. Cassandra and Gayatri,

    Think of the term "patriotic" loosely. Make a card showing your pride in your country, spotlighting whatever makes your country unique (kangaroos and koalas, anyone? I love watching those critters! Ayers Rock, the Sydney opera house...anything iconic of Australia), or simply using the colors of your flag.

    I hope you have fun!


  4. I have that US stamp. I had intended to use it on my travel scrapbook pages by stamping it and coloring in the states I had visited on that particular trip. But I never got around to using it. I've probably had it as long as you have too.

    What a creative way to use it by making it a patriotic stamp.

  5. Susan!
    LOVE both of these...I think the first one is my fave! Your so clever!!

  6. I like both these cards... patriotic but not too "in your face". :P I will have to ponder how to make my card reflect Canada in just one layer! (Already did the Georgian Bay thing. Maybe a red and white card? Must think!) Canada Day for us tomorrow, and an early Happy Fourth to you!

  7. Humm... I'm thinking... I recently got dual citizenship, so we'll see how I can marry to the two countries into a one layer card... tricky.

  8. Wonderful challenge. Your cards are just beautiful! Thanks!

  9. Hi Susan,

    I am a lurker who checks in on your blog fairly regularly. Love your approach to card making. Little late reading about your vacation at 'our' lake. We go north from the Twin Cities usually twice a summer for the beauty of the place. Quite a drive for you. Were you on the Tower or Cook end? Does George's family have a place there?


  10. Leah,

    We were at the Cook end at Pehrson's Lodge. Lovely place. DH's grandparents used to have a cabin on Vermilion, but his grandmother sold it after his grandfather died. His family is mostly from the Virginia area, and his grandmother is at a nursing home in Virginia.

  11. Stand up and cheer...this is a wonderful country to live in...we are so blessed in spite of our problems...

    in NJ we are Hobby Lobby deprived...I think I just might find out where some are and take a road trip

    patti moffett

    word...cusum (sounds like cuss 'em)

  12. I'm cusum because I don't have the stamp I want for this Challenge, so I might just have to go digi-stamp, which really does seem like cheating. It also probably takes some computer expertise and a learning curve. ah yes, that's what a Challenge is all about, doing what we've never done before.

    Thanks, Susan. Love your cards. Hallmark better look you up because they could use an additional category in their line! Patriotic would be a fine category.

  13. Wonderful single-layer patriot cards, Susan!! That US map stamp is very cool, and works perfectly with the sentiment stamp!!

  14. Thanks for the challenge Susan, might have another go at this one if I get the chance this week. Somewhere I am sure that my kids have a kangaroo stamp.. might get them in on the act while they are on holidays!


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