Friday, November 2, 2012

Big Images

The large sizes of the images in Papertrey's Mistletoe and Holly set drew me to it, and the same goes for the large sentiment in Happiest of Holidays. Most of my holiday images are smaller, and I really wanted to play around with these large-scale stamps.

Y'all know I like white space, but it's fun to fill it up sometimes, and that's what I did with today's card.

The background takes advantage of the very light shades of green and pink from Memento. Using these pale shades with smaller stamps makes them looks washed out, but with big stamps, the lighter shades are so much more useful! Color and central placement create a strong focal point of the larger sentiment. The strong red pops off the card, and the bright lime green mat helps frame the focal point nicely. The light pink ribbon unites the background and focal point, and the ticket-punched corners are reminiscent of the shape of the holly leaves.

What fun!

stamps: Papertrey Mistletoe and Holly, Happiest of Holidays
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white; unknown lime
accessories: dimensional, ribbon, SU ticket corner punch


Reader Christine from Canada made a comment about how she's sent far more Christmas cards than she has received and how grateful she is for any card she gets. I, too, have seen a drop in the number of cards I receive, which is somewhat shocking because so many of our cards come from military folks, who tend to be rather dedicated to staying in touch with long-distance friends for forever.

A couple of years ago, I wrote a piece for Advent on my other blog...a piece about greeting cards. If you're interested, you might find some inspiration in it either to send out more cards this Christmas or, if cards are a burden and not a blessing for you this year, to make sure that you send out greetings however you can.

I joked around in a recent post about panicking regarding Christmas cards. How will I make enough in time??!?!?!? Well, my panic is sort of real (because I'm sort of obsessive that way) but it is also sort of silly. Even we card makers can *gasp* purchase ready-made cards to send if we can't make enough for everyone on our lists. If you need permission to do so, I'll be happy to grant it.

For now, I'm having a blast making Christmas cards, but if I really do start to stress out, I'm going to put away my Christmas stamps and pick up a box of cards at Barnes and Noble.


  1. I like your color combo and those large stamps. I make some holiday cards and send some store bought ones also. That way I avoid the stress of making every card. We definitely receive less and less cards every year.

  2. You are really making me want to order Mistletoe & Holly!! I placed my first-ever SU order for some red inks this week, can't wait to get them in so I can try some reds other than Memento.

  3. Very pretty card! I like the colors you used for the background. The sentiment looks terrific, double matted and raised. I was surprised to see the pink ribbon. It made me smile. :)

  4. Beautiful card, Susan! LOVE the softly stamped base card :) I have great intentions of making and sending cards every year but I run out of time, determination is my name this year though.

  5. I too do not get nearly as many Christmas cards as I send out, but if I didn't send them many people would be disappointed, because while I don't get cards back from these folks, I always get an e-mail or thank you for my cards, soooo I make and send out lots of cards! wooooo was that a run on sentence or what?!!?

  6. Now I know what to do with that "too light" green ink I purchased. As you pointed out-- it always looked washed out, but is perfect for a background!!

    I don't comment often, but I read every single day and so appreciate all that you share. I've gleaned much good information and inspiration.

    Thank you!

  7. I couldn't possibly buy a card ever again. If I bought one I'd never be able to justify to my husband why I need all those stamps, inks, cardstock, embellies .... :)

  8. This is really a beautiful card. Such awesome design work. This year I'm sending out a photo card. I've never done this but we receive quite a few of them each year - mostly from young families - so since we had some professional photos done while we were in Washington State in June, I decided to try this method.

  9. I love this set too - was drawn to the large graphic images as a great background stamped in white or cream on dark cardstock or embossed. Have you got any updates about the Memento inks? I have their four darkest colours and have found the same splotchiness you spoke of ...

  10. I send out a mix of handmade and store-bought cards for the holidays, but I always write Christmas thank-you notes on handmade cards.

    Yes, I get fewer and fewer cards each year. It is disappointing.

  11. Whoa! If this card was in a lineup and I was asked to choose which card was not made by you, I'd likely choose this one. ;-) I like it ALOT, but don't remember an absence this big of white space. The lighter background is kind of like white space (if you squint). I prioritize my sending of handmade cards. I know lots of the people I send cards to aren't the least bit interested in a handmade card. When I fall short of the number I need, they get a store-bought card. Incidentally, they are also the ones who don't usually send cards. Hmmm, something to think about.


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