Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Latest OLW and the Gratitude Campaign and Something Funny


First up, the latest OLW is on Ardyth's blog, and it's called A Song in My Heart. Well, the songs in my heart right now are Christmas themed because I'm thinking hard and fast about how there's less than two months 'til Christmas, and I still don't have a plan.

What will I make? What will I buy? What crafty things do I really want to do?


I'm trying not to panic, but it's hard. You know it's hard. Don't you?

Anyway, my entry for OLW112 gets me one card closer to my Christmas card total of 120. That's what I'm aiming for. I think I have about thirty right now, but I can't remember. Don't want to.

I was playing around with some new Papertrey sets, including Mistletoe and Holly, and Happiest of Holidays. The colors are soft and old-fashioned: VersaColor olive and old rose. Such a pretty pairing and just the right thing to make the card special since there is no bling or embellishment whatsoever.

And the song that inspired it is sort of obvious, don't you think?

Thanks, Ardyth, for a really great challenge!!!

Gratitude Campaign

Well, I've made all my gratitude Campaign cards, and now it's time to start writing in them and mailing them. Just wanted to remind those of you who have embraced the cause of actually giving thanks on Thanksgiving not to get so wrapped up in the fact that Christmas is just around the corner that you forget to send your Gratitude Campaign cards.

Honestly, I just about did forget. How embarrassing.

Something Funny

"Why is she laughing at me?"

Daisy came to my craft desk the other day to beg while I was eating Halloween candy celery sticks, and when I looked down, that is what I saw.

Those little backing pieces for SU dimensionals get everywhere, don't they?


  1. Susan, I love your beautiful Christmas card - very traditional and elegant! You are absolutely right about those soft colours. I too am starting to panic about Christmas, especially because my 13 year old son wants NOTHING other than an air rifle, which we're not quite ready to get him! He says he'll be ok not opening presents on Christmas day. What am I gonna do with this kid?! lol!

  2. I love your card...and I am cracking up laughing about Daisy! I find those dimensional stickers all over my house!

  3. Gorgeous CAS Christmas card. Who wouldn't love to get that in the mail?!! I have a granddog named Daisy. Though I don't think she'd like to come and scrap with "gramma"! Funny little critter! Bev

  4. My dog, Toby, is a Maltepoo. He must have gotten more poo than Malte because his hair is so curly. He almost looks like he has dreads. Glittery dreads...

    Not realizing he was curled up at my feet, I swiped glitter from my desk onto the floor because I was getting ready to vacuum. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

    Love your card, Susan!

  5. Pretty card, Susan. I didn't buy the Mistletoe and Holly but you are making me regret it. Maybe it is not too late to buy it.

    You need to make 120 cards and you have about 30 made? For a second there I thought I wrote that. I need about 120 cards and I only have about 30 made. Only 90 more to go. Too funny.

    Daisy, you cutie. You do look funny, though.

  6. Love your card. I've been stalemated on both Thanksgiving and Christmas cards. Will send what I get done. Daisy is so darn cute. Yes, to the backings of dimensionals.

  7. Lovely card and I LOL at the picture of daisy. Our cat has had a few stuck to its fur and I have found them in the strangest places - underwear included! Okay, too much info LOL!

  8. I love your card, Susan. I just KNEW I should have bought Mistletoe and Holly!

    I just snorted when I saw Daisy! She's sitting there looking all "please give me some food" and the gravity of her expression loses total impact due to that one stray piece of paper. :-)

  9. Had to laugh when you posted the photo of Daisy! I like to think of the little bits of crafty goodness that sometimes get stuck to my pug as payback for the dog hair "embellishments" that always find their way onto my cards.

    And thanks for posting another beautiful the layout.

  10. Very pretty holiday card! I like the colors and design. The rounded corners look nice. The picture of Daisy is funny! Hee! Those little pieces seem to cling to lots of things. So does glitter. I have to laugh when I glance in the mirror and find a "sparkle" on my cheek. :)

  11. Fabulous card! Great dog! :) Made me chuckle~

  12. The card is beautiful. I do love those colours. when I saw the photo of Daisy, my heart just did a little flip-flop. Her eyes would melt the coldest heart.

  13. Love a dog that will beg for celery! You did say "celery," right? LOL.

  14. Hi Susan, I've come over from Joan's 2 blogs and this is my first time posting. Your 'Gratitude Campaign' really made me think hard, and during the past few days of the hurricane here in northern NJ I made 7 gratitude cards and I'm happy to say I've mailed them all. It felt wonderful to send a card just to say 'I'm grateful for you.' I'm hoping to make more this weekend. You've really been an inspiration!

  15. Thanks for the early morning chuckle over Daisy and over your "Halloween candy / celery stick" comment. It poured with rain here on Halloween so we had very few kids - so I'm stuck with about 30 little kit-kats and smartie boxes, and it would be a shame to waste them ....

    Love the song-inspired card. What a great sentiment stamp to have!

  16. Love that Daisy! She's been stamping and we didn't even know it.
    And, re: Celery Sticks, I KNOW, I am so full of "Celery Sticks" I probably won't be able to eat another one for a few days. tee-hee
    hugs and thanks again for always making my day a little brighter!

  17. So cute!! I wonder what Daisy will attach to the dimensional??


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