Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miss You

Operation Write Home needs miss you, Valentine's Day, love, and birthday cards right now, so I'm breaking up the Christmas card push with some variety. Today's card uses a wonderful Martha Stewart border punch to make the grass, and golly, the results are cute!

The heart was stamped on a scrap, cut out, and popped up. The red creates a very strong focal point for the card, amidst all the green and brown and (of course) white. Placement of the sentiment was tricky. It just didn't feel right floating it in the area between the stylized circle of plaid leaves and the grass, so I put it on the grass, as far from the heart as possible, to reinforce the feeling of absence.

I think it works, but you're entitled to disagree. I'm anti-totalitarian, you know.

On another subject, I'm entering a weird phase of crafting, sort of restless and dissatisfied and a tad insecure. (Can't imagine where that last one comes from...deeply unusual for me!)

Don't panic! I'm definitely not giving up papercrafting, but I'm trying to re-evaluate what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. Partly, this stems from my natural ebb and flow with this hobby, partly from my thoughts on minimalism, partly from some other things I want to make time for, and partly from a desire to keep things fresh, for myself and for you.

I'll keep you posted, although in the end, you might not notice any difference whatsoever. This is just further evidence (like anyone needs further evidence) that I over-think stuff. It's a curse.

stamps: Papertrey Trendy Treetops, Love Birds (sentiment)
ink: Memento
paper: PTI white, unknown lime
accessories: MS grass border punch, dimensional


  1. Love this card! I'm also busily making "love you/ miss you" cards for OWH. Hope you will find a good rebalancing point with your "phase."

  2. Absolutely LOVE this card!! The grass is fabulous and love that tree with the heart :)

  3. You say not to panic, but I am. I've come to rely on your fresh, simple ideas and your frequent updates. I look forward to your design tips. I would really miss Simplicity as it exists, but I will join you (from afar) on your papercrafting journey. All the best to you, Susan.

  4. I'm okay with all of your deep thinking........unless you're really thinking of quitting......
    What a wonderful card! Love that grass punch. Why does the offset placement of it look so good? Everything on this card is in the "sweet spot," and just looks perfect there. The sentiment looks like it belongs on the grass; can't see a better place anywhere. Another great card!

  5. I find my interest ebbs and flow s too. I'll have this huge desire to make cards, but won't have the time. Then I get the time, but have lost interest. As time passes I think I am 'over' card making. Then one day I decide to make a card, and LOVE it so much I think "why did I stop???" and then I have a card making frenzy. It's a 'lather, rinse, repeat' process for me, haha.

  6. Nice card, perfect placement. You're right. It is a curse. :(

  7. I'm right there with you!!! And I love your card.

  8. Totally understand were your coming from on the ebbs of papercrafting ! Love the heart added to the tree cute card.

  9. Well sheesh - you almost gave me a heart attack - I thought you were leaving stamping! Funny you say fresh - I don't seem to pick up on "same" from you except white. Different perspective I guess.

    Cute card~

  10. Gorgeous card, the tree is charming :)
    I know exactly what you mean about over thinking - on a positive note though = you are extremely witty with it :D

  11. LOVE this card - the red heart in the tree, the sentiment in the grass, lots of white space - total eye candy. I'm also filling up my OWH box with love u/miss u/thinking of u cards.

  12. Wow - as someone who is kinda fed up with cardmaking sometimes because for me I think too long and now need to think a lot less and work more...truly, I am with you so much in this. There are times when I just want to walk away when I have too many card orders - the real response is to take charge, say no more often if it is going to hassle me and begin to enjoy my 'retirement' more. I been waiting 7years for this to happen but it doesn't work in reality...part of it works but not all and as for customers want what I do....ribbon roses etc on most cards so I get fed up doing much the same thing...oh to break loose one of these days and card make for me alone! I so enjoy being set free sometimes...oh gosh, I must stop rambling on......come back to us please...don't go....pretty please...LOL!!

  13. Love the card Susan! You wouldn't be a Virgo, would you?

  14. Love this card and I agree with the other comment about the placement of your sentiment. There really is no other place to put it and I thinks it's just perfect right there in the grass.
    Now on a more personal note; "Wahhhhh" ( insert Lucille Ball type crying here ).
    Please don't go away! I still haven't gotten over losing Joan! I love your style and while its always CAS it never ever feels "the same". Very inspiring.
    Now to be more of a grown-up; I realize we all go through ebbs and flows with this hobby and lots of times they are beyond our control. Sometes the mojo just isn't there. Other times we must step back and take care of the rest of our lives. You have to do what feels right for you and your family. And whatever keeps this fun for you! This is a HOBBY, for FUN after all.
    But I was serious about not being over losing Joan's crafty inspiration...­čśŐ

  15. Oh, yes! Placing the sentiment away from the heart was brilliant!

  16. There are many reasons I'm drawn to your blog: your style that works when other imitators fail, your humor, your insight, and because I found a kindred spirit in over-thinking and over-analyzing. The big differences are that your style works and you're willing to share on a day in/day out basis, which I could never force myself to do because of my own ebb and flow. Whatever you do, I'll follow you! I'm hoping for that caveat you mentioned suggesting we may see nothing change. And, oh, yeah..the card is lovely. I'm not much into hearts, but this one is placed perfectly.


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