Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cards I Received in November

It is such a blessing to open the mailbox and find a hand-addressed card amidst the bills, catalogs, junk mail, and magazines. The envelope is extra special when it contains a card made by hand! Here are the hand-made cards I received this month. Some are birthday and some are Thanksgiving cards. I love them all!

Sue C.



Sue B.
Mary M.

Sue C.


Patti M.

What a beautiful collection of cards that now reside on the bulletin boards in my craft nook to give me inspiration and to lift me up each and every day!!!!!

I am so grateful for these ladies--and the many others through the years--who took time to send me cards they had made. I am also grateful for the readers who leave a comment, who send an email, who pray for me, who get concerned when I don't post each day, and who just read my blatherings. You have blessed me in so many ways.

Thank you.


  1. Susan, your friends made beautiful cards! I love each and every one.

  2. Beautiful collection, Susan - I can see how thrilled you would be receiving them :)

  3. I guess blathering is in the ear of the listener, or eye of the reader, but I thoroughly enjoy your talent and your posts. Thank you for posting your friends' cards. They are lovely.

  4. Thanks for posting these lovely cards you received. And please don't think of your posts as blatherings - your posts make me think, make me laugh, and teach me lots even if I can't make cards as simple - you've helped me find my own style.

  5. It is wonderful to receive a personal card, note or letter amongst the junk mail and/or bills. My b.d. is 11/25 and I so enjoyed receiving the b.d. and Thanksgiving cards that I did. I would have gladly sent you a card. I've added a messge of gratitude to some of my blog post replies but I would like to send you a personal note, too. If you will, please advise the address to which I can mail you a card. :)

  6. Gabby, please email me with your email address and I'll gladly send you my address if you send me yours!

    susanraihala at woh dot rr dot com



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