Monday, September 16, 2013

Everyday Miracles

Today's card:

A Few of Today's Miracles:

1. My son Jack happily went off to fifth-grade camp...his first time away from home without family. He will spend two nights there in a cabin with nine other boys.

2. Jack has autism, and his school has done an amazing job including Jack in typical classrooms despite the developmental differences between him and his typical peers. All of his teachers fully expect that Jack will do well at camp and were very encouraging to me this morning, just in case I was worried. I wasn't worried and know Jack will be just fine. And in the off chance he isn't fine, I can pick him up any time.

3. When one of his typical classmates found out Jack was going to be in his cabin, he shouted, "Yes!!!!!" and pumped his fist. This made Jack very happy, too.

4. Jack went for his first ever canoe trip. He's been out on kayaks with family before, but today it was a canoe with friends and teachers. He had fun.

5. I'm getting texts from Jack's aide and teacher keeping me updated. Technology is wonderful.

6. My firstborn Nick, who is in 8th grade, started show choir today. He had fun.

7. This momma is going to sleep with a smile on her face tonight.

What are a few of your miracles on Monday?

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  1. Today is/was my birthday, and full of calls and texts from those I love the most, including the sweet voices of grandchildren singing happy birthday to grandma. I am glad your son is at camp, and I will say a prayer that he has the time of his life. Your card is gorgeous. The sentiment is something I fully and totally agree with. I look for those little miracles all the time - and find them! Bev

  2. My grandson, who has dyslexia, has private tutoring each Monday. Today he was rewarded by his tutor with $2, because he read two paragraphs without a mistake - a first in nine months of tutoring. I am so proud of his hard work and that of his tutor. This school year should be a good one.

  3. Happy Birthday, Bev! And congratulations to your grandson, Helen. How wonderful for all that hard work to start paying off!

  4. My miracle came on Tuesday ... my crashed computer was restored with all intact! And I have an up-to-date backup now!

  5. So happy for you, George, and of course, Jack and Nick! Good going everyone.

  6. Such a lovely post! I can understand why you've a smile on your face :)

    Love the card!


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